[HATE ALERT]3/6(日)銀座








  • 今回は数寄屋橋交差点4カ所に固まって、ヘイトスピーチ・デモを迎え撃つ形を取ります。水谷橋公園付近ではなく、数寄屋橋交差点にお集まりください。
  • 銀座に店を構える方々、観光客や買い物客への配慮を最優先とし、今回に限ってはトラメガの使用はご遠慮頂けますよう、ご協力をお願い致します。


It is now three years ago that the “Reishisuto wo Shibakitai” (Corps of Racist Bashers) emerged on the scene at Shin-Okubo and as a direct result of the counter-racist protests they inspired, the number of xenophobes and racists taking part in hate speech demonstrations and propaganda rallies – themselves on a downward trend – has radically diminished. Despite this, there were still a total of 27 hate speech demonstrations in Tokyo alone last year. Among these, an abnormal total of 14 hate speech demonstrations in the capital took place in Ginza – a part of the city that is a tourist destination that represents Japan and is loved and appreciated for its historical significance and modern style. These demonstrations are turning Ginza’s air foul.

Given this situation the Tokyo Kyusui Crew (TQC) have, since Autumn 2015, been lobbying the Chuo Ward (in which Ginza is located), politicians from the Chuo City Assembly, and local business associations to take action against hate speech demonstrations. TQC have also begun to consider whether or not there is a way to counter the demonstrations in which local citizens
of Ginza, tourists, and shoppers can cooperate and counter the demonstrations together. TQC have reached the following conclusion:

Now is the time for the RETURN OF THE PLACARD CORPS!

The PLACARD CORPS was a form of counter protest born three years ago in Shin-Okubo in which protestors took action to fill the roadsides that hate demonstrations proceeded along with anti-racist placards as a peaceful declaration of their anti-racist passion. This time we will fill the four corners of Sukiyabashi Crossroad – the entrance to Ginza’s sleek and modern streets – with an overwhelming number of anti-racist placards and banners and herd the racists in. No megaphones and no running alongside the demonstration. Please come and be a part of the action.

(Masayuki Kusakabe/TQC)


  • For this action we will gather at the four corners of Sukiyabashi Crossroad and meet the hate speech demonstration there. Please gather at Sukibayashi Crossroad and not near Mizutanibashi Park.
  • Keeping consideration for shop owners, tourists, and shoppers in the area a top priority, for this action we would like you to refrain from using megaphones.